Monday, October 02, 2006

Radio shows in MP3

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

Rare and cult songs from 70s, 80s and beyond, prog and psych rock, world, ethnic, punk, new wave, avantgarde, ambient, electro, funk, jazz, reggae. Every week a selection of music connected by genre, historical period and/or place of origin, and a non-musical theme that blends in with the music. Anything ranging from the end of creativity in the postmodern era to the connections between art and politics. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Listen to the following radio shows in MP3:

With John Sinclair From All Tomorrow's Parties 2006 - Minehead, UK
Another show with John Sinclair, live from the Sonic Youth chalet at All Tomorrow's Parties 2006, curated by Thurston Moore. Recorded in Minehead (UK), 10/12/2006.

Special Guest 3DM - Cambridge-based electronic musician
An hour of music and talk with Marc Abraham aka 3DM (Deliberately Different Dance Music), Cambridge-based electronic musician, lyricist and sambista.

Freewheelin' with John Giorno and John Sinclair
An hour of mad talk, wild recited poetry and musical accompaniment by Mark Ritsema. Recorded in Pitigliano (Italy), 10/09/2006.

The Israel-Lebanon Conflict
Anti-war ballads, mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds, noises and voices from the 5th August London demonstration.

Reggae Roots and Dancehall
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are the constituent elements of the reggae rastafari utopia?
THEME: Reggae, rastafarianism and cosmpolitan utopia

Canterbury Prog Rock
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why is music from 30 years ago still listened today as a brand new product?
THEME: Old musical products, new reception and the recent classic prog revival

South African Music - The Post-Apartheid
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Black or white?
THEME: Music, race and politics in the new South Africa

South African Music - The Apartheid Era
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Black or white?
THEME: South African music: authenticity, African roots and cosmpolitan influences

New York Punk Rock - The First Wave
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s the meaning of “decadence”?
THEME: The New York scene, late 70s and decadence

70s Italian Prog Rock
QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do utopian visions impact upon the production of music and art?
THEME: Art and utopia

Basque Music
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can we meaningfully separate our appreciation of art from the socio-political context within which it is created?
THEME: Basque music, art and politics

Contemporary Avantgarde Music
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is the world of arts and creativity coming to an end?
THEME: Postmodernism in the arts and beyond

Southern Italian Folk Revival and Ethnica
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do we come from where we really come from?
THEME: Ethnic music, folk revival, tradition and the question of authenticity

British Punk - The First Wave
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have we all sold out?
THEME: Situationism, punk and personal freedom

Captain Beefheart
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is Madonna a true artist?
THEME: Commercial success, experimentation, taste and the criteria for true art

60s West Coast Psychedelic Rock
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What were Cambridge students doing in the 70s?
THEME: Hippies, revolution and Cambridge University

Nick Cave
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why is it so difficult to understand and to be understood by others?
THEME: Personal relationships

More shows coming soon! Keep checking out this space.